Alexander Zhuckov zuav at
Wed Nov 9 03:25:57 CST 2005

>>>>> Martin J Hooper (MJH) writes:

 MJH> Harry Vorstenbosch wrote:
 >> Reinstall (k)ubuntu totally and let grub write the bootrecord on
 >> /dev/hda(1) instead of hdb1. Or maybe it will work too if you go
 >> reinstall and press escape as soon you are at the partition part,
 >> press esc and look at the options, with one of the options you can
 >> (re)write grub.

 MJH> Or you can boot up off the install cd - type "rescue" at the boot
 MJH> prompt, point the rescue installer at hdb1 and then you can edit
 MJH> menu.lst and then run update-grub and it will fix the problem
 MJH> then.

Thanks for suggestions, but it seems to me that problem is not in
booloader. After I isntalled lilo in MBR on /dev/hda, kernel boots OK.
The problem begins when boot scripts are trying to create devices (with
udev I suppose).

A propos, Sarge installer doesn't recommend to install Grub with XFS,
and I like to have XFS :)

Alexander Zhuckov

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