intersil prism2

Alessandro Puiatti brutuli at
Tue May 31 08:59:03 UTC 2005

Dear Richards,
I don't see any problem in the name of the network
card, it could be wlan0 or eth1, that means that the
ethernet card is eth0, or another else. I need to know
what are the answers at these commands:

iwlist eth1 scan

Could you send me what are the printout of these
commands on the konsol? Probably you have to run
iwlist with sudo or like root.


rsevenic at wrote:

>I am a kubuntu newbie. I have successfully installed
kubuntu on a toshiba satellite A25-S207 laptop. The
only problem on this machine is that I cannot connect
to my WAP with the internal intersil prism2 recognized
card. It is seen as eth1.
>Now if I insert a Linksys WPC11 ver.3 pcmcia card, it
is recognized as eth2. I can connect with this card.
>In both cases I use a self-concocted script, using
the appropriate interface name in each case (eth1
fails, eth2 succeeds). My guess is that, the problem
is one of these options:
>* hardware is bad
>* driver is flawed
>* card is 'misrecognized' and is really something
>Any suggestions? I can send copious printouts etc.,
but will wait until I see if I strike gold with a user
who has successfully surmounted this problem.
>Richard, der Alter
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