How to install webcam

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Fri May 27 06:52:53 UTC 2005

Richard Barmann a écrit :

>I have not been able to install the Logitec Cam in this version. I am very new 
>so I need help in the steps. Any asistance is appreciated. Thank you.
>Dick Barmann
Installation webcam Labtec (Logitech express)
1) Firstly, to update your Kubuntu with Kudos (How to add extra 
repositories? <>)

(My Kernel in Kubuntu is 2.6.10-5.386)

1) with Synaptic, install:  linux-source-2.6.10
2) install: linux-headers-2.6.10-5-386
3) install: 'qc-usb-source'  et 'qc-usb-utils'
4) install: 'gcc', 'xawtv', 'v4l-conf', 'libpt-plugins-v4l'
5) In windows terminal, write:  sudo konqueror
6) in  /etc/src,  with  'ark'  , to extract the contents from 
    in  /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5.386
7) windows terminal, go in the file:
    cd /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5.386/modules
   and write:  sudo ./
8) if all this master key well, has the end have gives: modprobe quickcam

Edit file 'modules' who is in /etc and to write:
modprobe quickcam
(this for the initialization of the webcam to the start of the PC)

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