prelinking problems

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Sun May 22 10:45:17 UTC 2005

Sara Vasquez wrote:

> I am trying to prelingk, but when I do it I get the following erro message
> Prelinking /usr/bin/kspace.kss
> /usr/sbin/prelink.bin: /usr/bin/kspace.kss: Cannot prelink against
> non-PIC shared library /usr/lib/

Your prelink *is* working, *except* for apps that link with  The
"problem" isn't with prelink, its with the library (libGL in this case)
that wasn't built in a way that makes prelinking possible (PIC = Position
Independent Code, and "prelinking" can only be done against libraries with
relocatable, i.e. position independent, code).

This problem will likely get solved by future versions of libGL.  I'm using
the NVIDIA OpenGL libs and they are in PIC format, so just give it some
time, and those (Xorg?) OpenGL libs you're using will get "fixed"

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