USB flash drive

Donatas Glodenis ziogelis77 at
Thu May 5 10:36:01 CDT 2005

Ketvirtadienis 05 Gegužės 2005 15:05, Jochen Skulj rašė:
> > So I am able to go to konqueror and acess my flash i just don't get it
> > automatically on my my system finds my flash-drive is just
> > the automatic desktop placement that i don't have
> Have you checked your settings in the KDE Control Center? If you choose
> 'Desktp' => 'Behavior' and open the tab 'Device Icons' you are able to
> configure which device should automatically appear on your desktop. Maybe
> these settings were messed up by some upgrades problems. (I remember having
> similar problems because of a failed upgrade of kdelibs-data, something
> like that)

I had the same problem, and this worked for me. Thank you.


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