USB flash drive

Dale dlorr at
Thu May 5 10:26:27 UTC 2005

sara vasquez wrote:
> Ok so I am back to kubuntu after trying gnome and xfce but now whe I 
> plug my usb flash drive I don't get it to automatically go to the 
> desktop how do I get it back that was one of the things i loved about 
> kubuntu.

Agreed. I can't see my iPod Shuffle anymore. When I first launched 
KUbuntu, I had an icon that said "Dale's iPod". I thought that was 
spiffy. I can still get to the iPod, but no more spiffy icon. Oh, yeah, 
and if I use a USB extension cord, it's hit and miss as to whether I see 
the iPod at all. I find that curious....


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