Upgrade changes config & no USB stick any more

Adrian Hicks Adrian.H at auston.edu.sg
Thu May 5 04:27:58 UTC 2005

Hi list.

This is re. a previous post; see below.

I've done a reinstall & some testing, & have narrowed the lack of USB stick 
mounting to 2 files (hopefully this is all).

Did the following:

* Installed kubuntu hoary from scratch, with an Internet connection
   in place
* Did apt-get upgrade & checked the list of packages (10 in all) but
   did not allow the upgrade
* Chose a likely candidate to test (kdelibs-bin) & installed it along
   with its dependency (kdelibs4).
* Noted that it suggested the perl-suid package

After installing the two files (kdelibs-bin & kdelibs4) the following has 

* On login I had to do the basic KDE config that all new users get
* The panel changed; no more drawer with home etc.
* Desktop colours changed
* No links anywhere in the menus for Konqueror file manager
* Inserting a USB stick no longer does anything, ie. doesn't mount
  and doesn't put an icon on the desktop
* Logout screen changed (no more icons on the buttons)

I then installed kdelibs-data (which had a problem because it contains a 
file that is in another package).  This didn't help the problem.

And installed the recommended perl-suid package.  Also nothing fixed.

Noted that Admin mode in Control Center is still working.  It wasn't 
working after installing a load of stuff from Universe (see previous post 

Do kubuntu developers read this list?  If so here's a complaint.  Never in 
all the time I've used it has an upgrade on Debian changed any part of my 
desktop configuration.  What's happening with kubuntu that these changes 

Adrian Hicks

> On Fri, Apr 29, 2005 at 11:46:48AM +0800, Adrian Hicks wrote:
> > 1. USB stick etc.
> > After the basic CD install, inserting a USB stick produced a nice icon
> > on the desktop, worked nicely.
> >
> > After adding software from restricted & universe the automount of the
> > USB stick no longer works.  I have noticed, however, that it works ok
> > in GNOME which was installed with some prog's.  Now in KDE nothing
> > happens at all; no mount or mountpoint etc. (nothing in /media) and
> > obviously no USB icon on the desktop.
> > 2. sudo re. Admin mode in Control Centre
> > And along with the USB problem (and some changes in the layout of the
> > panel when I installed stuff) I can no longer use my password to
> > config items in Control Center that need Administrator mode.
> Jonathan Riddell

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