Missing kde taskbar

Rafa rafaor at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 16:24:43 UTC 2005

> The problem is that the file is missing.  You can get it back like this:
> $ sudo apt-get --yes --download-only --reinstall install kubuntu-default-settings
> $ sudo dpkg --force-confmiss --install /var/cache/apt/archives/kubuntu-default-settings_1%3a5.04-07_all.deb
> (You might need to change that filename to the version that you downloaded
> if a new version is available before you read this mail)
> You should see a message like this:
> Configuration file `/etc/kderc', does not exist on system.
> Installing new config file as you request.
> After that, relogin to KDE.

I did as you sugested and it restored the /etc/kderc file.  But it
didn't make any difference.  In the end, I moved the .kde directory
and everything was back to defaults, including the taskbar.

I have a copy of the old .kde dir if anyone would like me to do another test.


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