Newbie problem: instal disk not working

Tom Fernandes tom.fernandes at
Tue Mar 29 12:55:27 UTC 2005


> I downloaded the i386 iso instal file, checked the MD5sum (OK), burned
> it to a disk, checked the MD5 again (OK) then set about installing -
> but nothing! My PC won't recognise the CD. Yet I can still use my
> Mandrake instal CD and Fedora instal DVD and a Knoppix Live CD in the
> drive (a Lite-On DVD-RW drive).
> Can anyone offer a solution to this problem other than downloading and
> doing it all again? (But if the MD5 sums were OK, will it be any
> different anyway after another download?)
read - hopefully this
helps. Most likely you did something wrong while burning the CD. Perhaps
you wrote the image to the CD as an ordinary file instead of writing an
image to the CD?

The fact that it does not boot doesn't have anything to do with that it
is only a preview rather then a release candidate. The preview is known
to work for a lot of people.

> I know the file is a preview - perhaps it is not meant for newbies!

it's still under heavy development all the time - should be usable
Previews are never meant for newbies and things *might* break - but they
don't have to :-) - so the bottom line is try it out - if it works
you're lucky - if it doesn't wait for the release candidate on

>  Should I be waiting for the main file?

see above


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