What to put on menus in Kubuntu

Rob Willenberg rob at whatwouldlinuxdo.com
Thu Mar 10 20:18:24 UTC 2005

This has always been my biggest complaint about KDE, and the reason I 
started using Debian Sid based workstations. Apt-get made it very easy 
to simply install KDE, then rip out all the things I didn't want or need.

I'm always amazed that the newer distros seem to take the kitchen sink 
philosophy, cramming as much software as possible into the install CD. 
There really isn't much done to target which app should be used for 
which purpose, or at times, why the app is there in the first place.

One thing in each category, with a doc that covers how to install 
alternatives is a great start.


Jonathan Byrne wrote:

  I love KDE, but as I noted
> above, it does suffer from menu clutter. Severe menu clutter.  Taking a 
> "one thing in each category" approach is one good way to fix that.  
> There may be others, I'm open to suggestions.

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