[kubuntu-users] KOffice 1.4 - Kubuntu Packages available

Roel Schouten roelsch at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 02:14:56 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 21 June 2005 22:47, Sander van Loon wrote:
> starts up nearly instantly (at least 10 times faster than OO)

Regaring OO start-up speed, you might consider installing the OpenOffice 
quickstarter (sudo apt-get install oooqs). It "pre-starts" OO when you start 
KDE and displays an icon in your systray, which you can right-click on and 
start the various instances of OO.
It speeds up OO start-up significantly.

Haven't tried Koffice, but since its MS Office integration is poor, I'm not 
I hate to say so, but if linux is to be considered as a serious desktop 
competitor to MS, it has to have compatibility with MS programs. I know, MS 
is not very open about their formats, so it's tough to implement. But it 
seems that the people behind e.g. Samba and OpenOffice succeeded pretty well.
Moreover, linux desktop programs need to be just as good or maybe even better 
than MS'. Looking at Kubuntu, this goal is getting closer and closer; e.g 
Kontakt is a far better mail client than Outlook Express, Kaffeine integrates 
at least 3 media players you need in Windows, Kopete is great etc, etc.

Well, that was just my humble opinion - bit beyond of the scope of the 
original post... :-)


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