Getting KDE 3.4.1 - a few questions

malandante malandante at
Wed Jun 15 15:15:04 CDT 2005

2005/6/15, Peter Barnes <pjb at>:
> After being away from Kubuntu for a few weeks I came back and saw the advice:
> KDE 3.4.1 packages are available for hoary from this deb source (edit /etc/apt/sources.list)
> deb hoary-updates main
> As someone who knows little about Linux, let alone Kubuntu, can you tell me exactly what I should do? I know how to add a line to the sources.list file but do I add only this line, and do I delete anything already there?
> And then having added the line, what comes next to get KDE 3.4.1? Is it simply apt-get upgrade (update?), or do I need a specific file name?
> (Related to this, I looked at the excellent KUDOS Unofficial Kubuntu FAQ and saw the recommended general changes to the sources.list file - should I be doing this first?)
> Sorry for so many questions at once!
> Peter
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sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade

will do the work

Why apt-get update? because you've got to refresh the package cache to
let apt-get know what is new in order to upgrade/dist-upgrade it.

As people usually tell to newbies, do a 

man apt-get

and you will find the answer to it

recomendation: always

man whatever

before asking, not to avoid bothering people (you will see that
there's always someone who doesn't like newbies questions), but
because it's the best way to learn.



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