Heated processor

Alain Muls alain.muls at telenet.be
Sun Jun 5 05:09:42 CDT 2005


I switch from SuSE to Ubuntu a couple of weeks ago. Almost everything
works as good or better, but I have a couple of issues still open:

1. I do a lot of compiling C++/Java code and the processor heats up,
causing the PC to just stop working after having received a message
about the temperature. I have a DELL Inspiron 5100. How do I set up a
powersaving that would reduce the speed of the processor when not doing
something intensive?

2. I use the i386 kernel but would like to switch to the i686 kernel. I
did this the second day I installed Ubuntu, but when I compiled the VPN
from Cisco, I got an error message stating that the header files were
incorrect. I searched for this but in vain. I posted also to this list,
but since I did not have sufficient time, I reinstalled from scratch.

3. The java program uses the javax.comm implementation for serial
communication. All compiles well, but I can only run the program as
root, and not as a normal user. I searched for 'lock' files and so on,
but could not find a solution. I would like to avoid this. Any ideas?


Best regards,


Alain Muls

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