Problem with KDE in Ubuntu

Federico Kereki f_kereki at
Thu Jul 7 11:20:24 CDT 2005


I installed Ubuntu in my kid's PC, with both Gnome and KDE, but had a 
problem with the latter -- fonts were too small (for example, in GIMP or 
the terminal console) and couldn't be read.

After searching for a while, I found that you in KDE you had to run 
gnome-settings-daemon and then your font settings from 
gnome-control-center would work.

To make this an automatic process, you have to set a script at every 
$HOME/.kde/Autostart directory, with:

gnome-settings-daemon &

Wouldn't it be a better idea if this was done automatically in Ubuntu?

Best regards,
Federico Kereki

PS. If there's a better place for the command, let me know!

PPS. I also fixed /etc/kde3/kdmrc so ServerArgsLocal would include the 
option -dpi 100 -- this should also be added, shouldn't it?

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