local mail to my user account.

Joan Tur joantur at cancullet.org
Sat Jul 16 16:05:20 CDT 2005

Es Dissabte, 16 de Juliol de 2005 18:27, en Merv Curley va escriure:
| On Saturday 16 July 2005 08:21, Joan Tur wrote:
| > Es Divendres, 15 de Juliol de 2005 23:11, en Merv Curley va escriure:
| > | > Your user has to be in the "mail" group  ;);)
| > |
| > | I don't think this is correct since I have never been in a 'mail' group
| > | for kmail.  I have a lock file in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail and don't
| > | recall ever setting 'locking' to none; wherever one does that.
| >
| > I haven't been told by anybody that adding the user to the mail group was
| > the solution, but I had a look at the /var/mail directory and noticed
| > that only root & users in mail group could write in it, so... simply
| > added my user to that group  O8-)
| This directory I believe is used for system messages.  Check what is there
| for 'root' and you will find welcome messages from your distro and possibly
| error messages.  It will be rare in most cases for the system to send
| messages to a user.  It happened frequently years ago but not anymore in my
| experience.
If I remember it correctly, I was asked what user should receive root 
emails... and those are the only messages I get from my local mail, as the 
rest is fetched from the ISPs' pop servers.

Thanks for your info  ;)

| Merv
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