local mail to my user account.

Merv Curley mcurley at eol.ca
Sat Jul 16 16:27:35 UTC 2005

On Saturday 16 July 2005 08:21, Joan Tur wrote:
> Es Divendres, 15 de Juliol de 2005 23:11, en Merv Curley va escriure:
> | > Your user has to be in the "mail" group  ;);)
> |
> | I don't think this is correct since I have never been in a 'mail' group
> | for kmail.  I have a lock file in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail and don't
> | recall ever setting 'locking' to none; wherever one does that.
> I haven't been told by anybody that adding the user to the mail group was
> the solution, but I had a look at the /var/mail directory and noticed that
> only root & users in mail group could write in it, so... simply added my
> user to that group  O8-)

This directory I believe is used for system messages.  Check what is there for 
'root' and you will find welcome messages from your distro and possibly error 
messages.  It will be rare in most cases for the system to send messages to a 
user.  It happened frequently years ago but not anymore in my experience.


Merv Curley
Toronto, Ont.Can

Linux    SuSE 9.2
KDE    v. 3.3.4
KMail  v. 1.7.3

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