General December Art Team Meeting

Pascal Klein 4pascal at
Sun Dec 25 14:36:34 UTC 2005

First off, Merry Christmas everyone.

I am posting this not only to the Ubuntu Art team mailing list but also to the 
Kubuntu guys. I was not sure whether a Xubuntu users or art list exists (I 
googled with no luck), so this is it.

The topic of an Art meeting to discuss various issues (see the agenda) has 
been on the tabletop for a while now. Several have been organised, but sadly 
they all seemed to fall through somehow.

Important: We need to get this organised. Please see this page to decide on 
meeting time!


* Fix up the out-dated wiki. Please see in regards to this.

* Artwork (official for Dapper):
        - GDM theme
        - Usplash
        - GNOME and KDE splash
        - KDM theme
        - wallpapers/backgrounds
        - icons (!!!)
        - GTK theme
        - Metacity theme
        - KDE colour scheme
        - KDE window decorations
        - KDE theme/style
* Artwork package for universe. This was put forward as an idea during that 
night before the Breezy Artwork deadline while a bunch of us were in IRC. 
Oliver Grawert (ogra) has given the ok for this suggestion. This would be a 
general Ubuntu artwork package with Ubuntu (thus GNOME) themed artwork 
utilising the official colour palette. For contents, think GDM themes, 
backgroundsm splash metacity and gtk themes and so forth

* Calendar wallpapers/backgrounds. We really need to decide on at least a 
theme by the end of the year so those interested can go about producing these 
calendar images.

* Ubuntu/Kubuntu app artwork:
        - Firefox/Thunderbird themes. eg. there is a Plastik Firefox theme.
        - Mplayer theme! This was suggested to us from the MOTU media guys!
        - XMMS/BMP skins
        - GAIM Guifications themes, for example:

There is a lot more to discuss. Please see either
for a full list (thanks Jiri Grönroos (artnay)).

As you can see there is a huge amount to discuss and make decisions about. We 
need to get organised and underway for 2006 and for Dapper. Therefore, in 
light of what was briefly mentioned above, what was discussed on the IRC 
channels and what is outlined in that large list by Jiri, I propose a General 
Art Meeting to be held still before the end of the year, in December so we 
can all get on track and know what to do.

The meeting be open of course to anyone, and it would be nice to see some of 
the Kubuntu people there as well. Kubuntu does not have an official art 
mailing list nor an art team for that matter but I am sure that there are a 
fair few of you guys with the art gene in you. :)

We need to get a date and time organised as soon as possible. This weekend 
will no doubt be taken up by Christmas celebrations so the next best time 
would be either directly after, during the week (the majority of you ought to 
still be in holiday time by then). The weekend that directly follow Christmas 
only gives us the Saturday (Sunday is already the 1st). I suspect many of you 
will be busy on the Saturday, so during the week sounds best for now.

Now! To vote on the proposed dates, please see the page:

Alrighty then, get to it and let's make this happen.

Kind regards,
Pascal Klein

PS. 1. It seems we had some problems with this email. I'm sending it again.
2. I've send a copy of this to Jeff Waugh who will kindly post this on as a meeting event once we've decided on the time.

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