unable to install ubuntu 5.04 for amd 64

Scott angrykeyboarder at angrykeyboarder.com
Thu Dec 22 03:21:23 GMT 2005

malik gafoor wrote:
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>    hi
>    dear
>    im unable to install any of the linux platform on my computer as i use
>    sata hard disk
>    my configuration is AMD64 sata hdd (seagate) asus k8s- mx mother board
>    and as there is no sata drive for the linux installation neither my
>    friends nor i cannot install ubuntu please help me if u can
>    thank u

Does your computer have more than one hard drive? If so, are your disks 
connected to any kind of RAID controller?

If not, then I'm afraid I have no idea how you can fix your problem.

That's been my situation it's been quite tricky dealing with it.
Linux doesn't like my Promise controller.  The drivers available are old 
and only available for a few distros running the 2.4 kernel.

  I have two 250 GB SATA Maxtor Maxline Plus II drives connected via a 
Promise SATA RAID controller on my ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard.
After months of research, queries in public forums (such as this one) & 
useless calls to technical support.  I think I finally found a permanent 
solution, which involves switching from the Promise to the onboard VIA 
controller and disabling RAID.   I've not yet attempted it, I'm going to 
pay someone to do it for me in the next few weeks or so.

But I was able to get Linux running by disabling RAID on the Promise 
controller (it's now set to IDE mode).  Linux still gets a bit confused 
by this  and Windows flat out won't install without RAID enabled (since 
the hard drives are attached to the Promise Controller).  So for the 
time being I'm only running Ubuntu (but I want to dual boot).

But I digress.....

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