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Andy Choens gunksta at
Tue Dec 13 03:40:25 UTC 2005

> > I don't have a  Systems Places anywhere
> > that I can find in my KDE.  I have K-->System Settings, etc. but I
> > can't find paths anywhere.
> What icon do you have directly to the right of the K menu?
> No matter, from the K -->System Settings you should see a System
> Administration icon, and from there the Paths icon.
> Can't remember if it works on earlier versions, but you can also get there by
> typing in Konqi's Location bar:
> settings:/System/
> and choose Paths.

Now this is interesting.  I'm running KDE 3.5, so this may not happen
on earlier versions.

My confusion was caused by the fact that Kubuntu no longer uses
kcontrol directly.  Now, when I select "System Settings" in my KDE
menu, I am actually launching "systemsettings", not "kcontrol".  When
I followed your "settings:/System/", I was accessing the kcontrol
module, and I immediately found the paths icon, just like you said I
would.  But, it is NOT present in the System Settings displayed on my
computer by default.  I've double checked this to make sure I'm not a
blind idiot.  It's just not there in the pretty cleaned up version of
Kcontrol that kubuntu wants me to use.

Thanks!  This really should not have been that hard!

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