KDE 3.5 upgrade packages are brocken.

Andreas Mueller amu at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 4 20:39:07 UTC 2005

Am Sunday 04 December 2005 11:54 schrieb Holger Rumland:

Hello Holger,

> I updated/upgraded the KDE 3.5 packages on Breezy (Kubuntu) and figured
> out that they are broken.
> Files are kept back or removed which left the KDE PIM package for
> instance total broken (Break/install).

It would be helpfull, if you tell us also your sources, where your get the
packages, your architecture and finally an output. Please understand 
especially KDEPIM is a complex package, any output is helpfull.      

> Seems that this packages were just pushed out but never tested. Also I
> found out that the log out takes

It depends from where you get the packages, as you see from my earlier
posting, the packages pass an quality check, after they work on my maschines
well, the next step is an public test request, most time they allready work 
fine, finally they will be released.

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