KDE 3.5 upgrade packages are brocken.

Holger Rumland hrumland at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 4 10:54:29 UTC 2005

Hi everyone,
I updated/upgraded the KDE 3.5 packages on Breezy (Kubuntu) and figured
out that they are broken.
Files are kept back or removed which left the KDE PIM package for
instance total broken (Break/install).
Seems that this packages were just pushed out but never tested. Also I
found out that the log out takes
various times longer, coming up with an error "Cannot talk to
The other problem which should be fixed is the fact that the system
settings windows are not re sizable.
Therefore it causes problems on laptops with a window size "1280x800"
like the Toshiba. The lower buttons
getting covered by the kicker. This is more of of an annoyance as the
printer window in the system settings is
to big, but not as you use the same in the printer menu as a single



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