local ldap for [kde|gnome]

Martin Marcher ekimus at xover.htu.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Aug 19 03:52:35 CDT 2005

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i'm trying to set up a local openldap server for use with the kde _and_ gnome 
adressbook (possibly integrate thunderbird and other ldap aware clients).


listen only on per default
provide a scheme that integrates with kde _and_ gnome stuff
 multiple emails per contact
 multiple IM entries per contact
 different addresses per contact (office, private...)
 other stuff (have the directory tree separated from other trees, for 
enterprise usage, like login directory separated from the contacts that 
people use - this will probably be just some other DN)

Now the problems i see are:

which layout should one use for this (especially kde integrates lots of stuff 
like IM contacts and a bunch of different email adresses, don't know about 
gnome since I don't use it normally)

NOTE: I just set up ldap once for samba authentication as a learning 
experience. so I am by no means a ldap-guru. the links i used to set it up 
can be found at the end of the mail. Also is someone has ubuntu specific docs 
about this i'd be very glad to get them. I'll probably post a howto to the 
wiki (or at least to the list, I'm not a wiki user normally i just look 
around and use what i find with minor bugfixes in the howtos).

So if anyone's interested mail me, or join the #ubuntu channel on freenode 
(I'm also on the german #ubuntu-de channel). I think i'll start this whole 
thing next monday until then googling and docs searching :)

documentation links:
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