respawning too fast

Jack jsa.606 at
Fri Aug 12 11:18:46 CDT 2005

Trying to boot up with the latest Kubuntu Live CD.

everything ok thr;ough "checking Battery"

then I get "ID # respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes".

This continues on changing order (1,2,3,5,6,4) (2,4,5,63,1) and
continues to do this.  I let it run over an hour.  It never used 1, 2
, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Don't know if that means anything.

I downloaded the iso again and the same results.  Originally it would
not boot at all (I used Ahead Nero 6.1)  This; had happened with many
distros of linux so I decided to try Ashampoo and it worked with Klax
quite well but with Kubuntu it booted up to the respawning item.  I
have a disk of the latest Ubuntu Live CD and it works fine. I want the
KDE Destop system therefor I want to try Kubuntu.

My machine is XP Pro and up to date, SMC router, Sygate Firewall, AVK
antivirus, Spyblaster,  ad-aware, and spybot search and destroy
protected. I havae 4 Ultra 133 drives running off a PCI card witrh two
IDE connectors. Two DVD RW drives (Toshiba and LiteON) connected to
the secondary IDE connector on the motherboard.  The primary IDE has
no connection.  My system works well with XP Pro and many of trhe
Linus Live CD distros.
My swapp files are on HD 1 and HD2 (2000MB each)  No swap files on HD
0 which has the XP Operating sytem files.

I am a newbie so I need an easy fix to this problem.


jsa.606 at

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