Is there a control center?

Avi Schwartz kubuntu at
Sun Apr 24 17:51:13 UTC 2005

Jose Gomez-Dans wrote:

>On 4/21/05, Avi Schwartz <kubuntu at> wrote:
>>I just installed kubuntu for the first time earlier  today and I am
>>wondering if kubuntu has a control center similar to the Mandrake
>>Control Center or SuSE's Yast2 to allow me to configure hardware,
>>networking (more specifically, wireless networking), firewall, etc?  I
>>couldn't find anything and ended up configuring my wireless card
>>manually but I wouldn't want to do it every time.
>If you go to KDE's control centre, there are two options: one
>configures the wifi card, and another configures the network (LAN and
>wifi). You can try these.
Unfortunately this does not seem to work for me.

I entered the configuration as Config 1, entered the essid as well as 
the hex key as key 1.  Then I went to setup networking and tried to 
activate my wifi pcmcia card (which is fully supported by Linux, no need 
for Windows drivers) but it is a no go.  It will not activate the card.  
It will show the green V for a second and then switch back to a red X.

Also I find kubuntu lacking in control applets (or rather lack of them) 
in general.  Too many things are left for the user to configure by 
directly modifying the configuration files.


Avi Schwartz

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