How do I get into Admin mode in Control Center?

Peter Barnes pjb at
Fri Apr 22 08:50:59 UTC 2005

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From: "Liz Young" <liz at>

> On Thursday 21 April 2005 01:01 pm, Peter Barnes wrote:
> > When I go to Control Centre > Internet & Network > Samba,
> > everything is greyed out. So I guess I need the
> > Administrator Mode. But when I click on the Admin button
> > and enter my password it throws me back to the Internet &
> > Network menu. Opening Samba again from this still gives a
> > greyed out window. How do I get access to these settings
> > through the Control Center?
> I had the same problem before I realized samba was not installed -- it's not
> by default.
> After installation, all of the kcontrol samba settings were available with
> admin mode, and I could share folders, etc..
> HTH,
> -Liz
I must try what Liz suggests when I'm next using the Linux PC (in Windows at present) because I just assumed Samba would be there like on other distros.
But why are so many other people telling me to use a root password when (as I understand it) there is no root password in Kubuntu, just a user password?


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