What to put on menus in Kubuntu

Peter Shillan peter.shillan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 07:55:27 UTC 2005

Hi there,

On 4/20/05, Mike S <mcs2232 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> >One thing in each category, with a doc that covers
> how >to install
> >alternatives is a great start.

Well Linux is all about choice though I think you are right.  The main
thing though would be to make it clear what alternatives there are, or
where to look for them,  without saying one is better than any other.
> Yes, more generally, I'd lean towards making Kubuntu
> as minimal as possible on install - producing a fast,
> light, targeted and polished KDE experience with a
> solid deb/ubuntu background - users could then simply
> "apt-get install" applications etc to suit there own
> preferences.

I agree.  If it has one of everything and it all works together well,
people will be happier with the initial user experience than if it has
everything but the apps don't work so well.  It would allow a higher
level of testing for the default installation as there would be less
to test.

My £0.02,


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