What to put on menus in Kubuntu

Mike S mcs2232 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 19 23:08:39 UTC 2005

>I'm always amazed that the newer distros seem to take
>the kitchen sink 
>philosophy, cramming as much software as possible
into >the install CD. 
>There really isn't much done to target which app
should >be used for 
>which purpose, or at times, why the app is there in
the >first place.

>One thing in each category, with a doc that covers
how >to install 
>alternatives is a great start.

Yes, more generally, I'd lean towards making Kubuntu
as minimal as possible on install - producing a fast,
light, targeted and polished KDE experience with a
solid deb/ubuntu background - users could then simply
"apt-get install" applications etc to suit there own

--Mike S

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