kdesu and sudo

Hannes Hauswedell soul.rebel at web.de
Sun Apr 17 17:47:23 CDT 2005

i just realized that with kde3.4 kdesu now uses sudo. while this is probably a good solution for everyone using default ubuntu config, this makes kdesu unusable by anyone who for whatever reasons (security!) does not want to grant his users "sudo all" previliges. this affects not only 'security nerds' but also all converts that dist-upgraded from a non-ubuntu debian-based distro and that bring along their old config (and maybe dont even know about this unique ubuntu feature and just wonder why their kdesu fails).
i think the best solution would be if kdesu checked whether the executing user is 'global' sudoer and if not makes a check against the root password (original kdesu code).
thank you
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