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Jonathan Byrne jbyrne at
Fri Apr 15 19:07:42 UTC 2005

On Friday 15 April 2005 08:53, Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:

> fat32, and ntfs. But what good is it to have jfs, xfs, etc marginally
> used FS supports on the space starvant CD?

The first couple things that come to mind are:

1) It takes very little extra space to have these available;

2) I prefer XFS, and all of my partitions except /boot and / use it 
(grub has some issues with XFS, at least sometimes), including 
my /home.  If the installer only did ext3 and Reiser and I had to 
format my partitions in Reiser, I could live with that, but if XFS 
support were removed entirely and I had to compile a new kernel just to 
mount my /home, how likely do you think it is that I would bother? 
(Hint: Answers other than "zero" don't count.)

XFS and JFS may not be as widely used as ext3, and maybe not even as 
widely used as Reiser, but they are excellent file systems and are used 
by some people, so IMO they should be included so as to include those 
people in Ubuntu. I chucked all of my Debian Sid and Sarge installs in 
favor of Ubuntu, and I would not have done that if XFS were not 
supported.  Also, people using XFS or JFS are usually not beginners, so 
they are a part of the community we don't want to drive off because 
they can help others who are new to Linux.


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