ext3 and Reiserfs (was Re: Some of my Kubuntu-Hoary tweaks )

Jonathan Byrne jbyrne at frontbridge.com
Fri Apr 15 18:53:03 UTC 2005

I'm going to put in a plug here for XFS while I'm at it.  I've been 
using it for a year or two and the performance is quite good and so is 
the resilience.

One of the kubuntu installer daily builds crapped all over my /home, 
which is XFS.  It was severely corrupted, to the point that neither 
mount nor fdisk even recognized it as an XFS partition anymore 
(neither, of course, did the installer that crapped on it, at that 

Using the XFS tools, I was able to fully recover all data without 
reaching for a backup.  The journal was totally trashed, it had to be 
deleted, but after that I was able to recover everything.  Kudos to 
XFS, and thanks to SGI for GPLing it.


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