no available sockets

Bob Jarman rjarman at
Mon Apr 4 23:52:10 UTC 2005


First thanks for the responses to my last post.  I asked about Firefox 
text - I meant the text for the toolbar/menu selections, File, Edit, 
Tools etc. - just barely readable under both SuSE9.2Pro and kubuntu 
@1024 x 780. 

I also found kynaptic - nice, more straight forward than Yast and no 
shuffling CD's!

Question:  I installed Apache2, got it working but have managed to do 
something that gives me a "no available open-socket :80" message.  I 
changed the Listen To port, same result.  Also, I am unable to connect 
to the box via ssh - seems like it is blind to everything incoming.  
AFAIK I have not installed a firewall or done anything to close down 
ports. FWIW I have Webmin installed and it seems to work fine. Any 
suggestions?  At the moment it is no problem since I plan to re-do 
everything when release 1 becomes available, Wednesday, I think.  Just 
don't want to visit this issue again...



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