[Kubuntu-council] Kubuntu Council Elections 2019 - Call for Nominations

Valorie Zimmerman valorie-zimmerman at kubuntu.org
Tue Aug 20 06:13:42 UTC 2019

Greetings to all of you.

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 2:33 AM Rik Mills <rikmills at kubuntu.org> wrote:

> Hello Kubuntu community!
> The terms for the following Council members are due to expire on the 1st
> September 2019:
> Aaron Honeycutt
> Rick Timmis
> Rik Mills
> I hereby call for nominations for the Kubuntu Council to elect three (3)
> members and hope that  Aaron Honeycutt, Rick Timmis, Rik Mills will
> continue to serve until we have the names of the new Council members.
> I will update the Kubuntu Calendar to reflect these new dates.
> The term is for two years, spanning 1st September 2019 to 1st September
> 2021.
> As in the past, the election will be conducted using CIVS (Condorcet
> Internet Voting Service) - http://www.cs.cornell.edu/andru/civs.html and
> the top three ranking vote recipients will be elected.
> Schedule:
> Nomination period: Now to the 24th August 2019
> Ballot Preparation: 23rd August to the next day
> Voting Period: 24th August 31st August
> End Poll/Results Announced: 31st August
> New Term Begins: 1st September 2019
> This schedule shortens all the time-lines compared to our usual 2
> months, so please nominate yourselves or others quickly.
> A volunteer Kubuntu Member is also now required to conduct the actual poll.
> The above deadlines may be subject to minor revision, and a follow up
> email will give details if this is so. However, nominations open NOW so
> please be as prompt as possible.
> Please mention what you would like to accomplish within the Kubuntu
> project (Why people should vote for you)
> Eligibility:
> All Kubuntu Members ( https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+members )
> are eligible to be nominated and to vote. If you have a public email
> address in Launchpad, you need take no further action to receive your
> voting ballot. If you do not have a public email address, please contact
> me off-list with the address you'd like your ballot sent to, otherwise
> you will be unable to vote.
> Nominations:
> All Kubuntu members are eligible. The Kubuntu Council is intended to
> represent all of the Kubuntu community. Applications from involved
> non-developers are encouraged. If you are nominating someone else,
> please confirm their willingness to serve before nominating them.
> Nominations should be done in public via either kubuntu-users or
> kubuntu-devel mailing lists. If there is some extraordinary reason that
> precludes that, contact me directly.
> Commitment:
> The Kubuntu Council is the leadership body of Kubuntu.  Members of the
> council are expected to be active in the Kubuntu community/project. It
> has three primary roles:
>  - Approve development plans for future Kubuntu releases
>  - Approve Kubuntu membership applications
>  - Resolve disputes within the Kubuntu project
> The time commitment is not large. Meetings are generally only once every
> several months and conducted via IRC. However, we do need the Kubuntu
> Council to lead the community, not sit back and only attend meetings.
> Questions:
> If there are questions, you can contact us via this mailing list or (if
> really necessary) via direct mail.  We can also be found on Freenode IRC
> in #kubuntu, #kubuntu-council or #kubuntu-devel
> Many thanks to all and please remember "time is of the essence".
> Happy nominating and voting,
> Rik Mills
> Kubuntu Council

We need a volunteer to step up to run the election. As Rik stated above,
here is the schedule:

Nomination period: Now to the 24th August 2019
Ballot Preparation: 23rd August to the next day
Voting Period: 24th August 31st August
End Poll/Results Announced: 31st August
New Term Begins: 1st September 2019

 To run a Kubuntu election, you create a Condorcet Internet Voting Service
poll named Kubuntu Council. You can set it up here:

Then you announce the dates that voting open and close here on the list. In
addition those dates will be on the emails sent to all Kubuntu Members from
Condorcet (not you).

As Aaron said earlier, he set up a repo for doing it:


It's tweaked so that it looks at @kubuntu.org emails as the first email


Once the emails have gone to all Kubuntu Members (those are the people who
can vote) you just wait until the closing date and then announce the new or
returning members of the Council here on the list.

Please step up and help the Kubuntu community get our elections done. We
now have 3 present members standing again, which is great! Thank you all.
Everybody else: don't be intimidated. If you want to serve, please step up
and nominated yourself. All Members are qualified.

Thank you,

Kubuntu Council
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