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1)  This ended up being a non issue. I poked around a bit more, and it
seems to actually be a bug in firefox, not in ktorrent packaging. xdg-mime
query properly returns ktorrent, and a quick google search shows that
multiple users on multiple distros have this problem with firefox.

2) I think the redshift applet should be part of the default install since,
afiak, kubuntu 18.04 will still use xorg by default. Currently nightlight
doesn't support xorg, so including the applet could be a nice touch as a
sort of replacement for nightlight. From the projects old github repo: "*PLEASE
BE ADVISED, this project is being moved under KDE umbrella
<>).*" I have no
idea if that means the applet is considered KDE software.

3) I believe that was added as an option in sddm 0.17.0 (, "Set default input
method to qtvirtualkeyboard"

4) I will try to file an appropriate bug report, maybe someone could point
me in the right direction? Here is an image of what I am experiencing on a
fresh install of 17.10 (to replicate, right cick sound applet and select
audio volume settings):
I have not experienced this on other distros, like KDE neon.

5), is the current boot animation. It
looks old, and out of place, maybe it can be updated to resemble the plasma
splash animation, which looks like this: ?

6) Has been resolved.

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 4:11 AM, Valorie Zimmerman <
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> Hi Pranav, welcome to the discussion.
> On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 8:29 PM, Pranav Sharma <pranav.sharma.ama at
> > wrote:
>> Hi, I noticed the posts about the papercuts currently in Kubuntu, and
>> while I don't know if this is the appropriate place for me to share, I
>> would like to add.
>> 1) KTorrent doesn't handle magnet links by default.
> Have you filed or is there a bug filed about this in I
> don't believe that this is a setting we can change in our packaging,
> although I could be wrong.
> 2) Add redshift applet (
>> and redshift to the default install, but not enabled, for those still on
>> Xorg.
> I use the redshift applet but am looking forward to getting rid of it when
> nightlight arrives and my nvidia card works with Wayland. That said, is
> that github project planning to become part of KDE? What makes you say that
> this should be part of the default install? We normally only ship KDE
> software.
> 3) add the virtual keyboard to sddm as well, currently it is only in
>> kscreenlocker
> Hmmmm. Do you know if this is possible? It would certainly help
> accessibility and those who want to run Kubuntu on a tablet or convertable
> laptop.
> 4) launching audio volume settings from the applet results in rendering
>> errors and thus useless.
>> This should probably be fixed.
> It works well for me. Again, have you filed a bug report about this? Some
> of us are KDE devels along with working on Kubuntu, but in general, Kubuntu
> devels can fix packaging, not bugs upstream.
> 5) update the plymouth animation to match the updated Kubuntu logo on the
>> website, the current one
>> looks old and out of place
> Can you provide a screenshot or something? Not quite sure to what you
> refer.
> 6) Rexamine default applications & their desktop entries. xterm was
>> dropped by Ubuntu (
>> t/clean-up-and-improve-ubuntu-gnome-overview/2644/8), so I don't feel
>> like they need to be included in Kubuntu. Kmail and KAddressBook both make
>> many specialized desktop entries, and thus add cruft to finding / searching
>> your installed applications.
> Xterm is not in the
> bionic-desktop-amd64.manifest file that I can see? We are discussing
> dropping Kmail for all but the LTS releases, but this has not yet been
> decided.
> We would welcome your help in accomplishing some of your goals. Please
> drop by our IRC devel channel  #kubuntu-devel or use Matrix to access it;
> and one of us can invite to the the bridged Telegram channel if you prefer.
> Valorie
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