Subject: Re: Kubuntu Council Elections 2018 - Call for Nominations

Darin Miller darinsmiller at
Sat Aug 25 16:05:39 UTC 2018

Thoughts regarding Kubuntu:

   - IMHO, Kubuntu continues to be the "best all around" desktop for new
   users given its Debian base, PPA options, excellent packaging support and
   KDE DE.
   - For leading edge power users Kubuntu is still a great option but can
   be restricted by delayed Canonical package adoption. In recent years, those
   delays are typically small (1 to 2 month) windows.  With AMD driver, MESA
   options and KDE DE rapidly maturing, the impact of the small delays is
   tolerable when weighed against the minimal hassle of maintaining an
   advanced Kubuntu environment.

Items that I hope to accomplish as a council member:

   - Continue the trend of providing great 1st user experience in Kubuntu.
   This is accomplished via  Kubuntu default settings,  default package sets,
   and working with the KDE developers on issues and organization.
   - Provide feedback and assist with fixing paper-cuts such as WINE kicker
   menus failing to populate on install, useful installation banners, included
   desktop themes, etc.
   - Assist with enabling features for advanced users via back-ports.
   Assist with determining when new "high demand" features will be available
   and giving feedback (website status page?) if delays are encountered.
   - Ensuring Kubuntu packages include necessary tools for fine tuning
   their environment; i.e. the new libinput 1.1 has command line option that
   are not yet supported via KDE Input devices dialogue but require additional
   packages to run.

Thanks for your consideration,

( )\( ) Darin | 208-991-4421

On Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 8:58 AM Rik Mills <rikmills at> wrote:

> On 25/08/18 15:48, Darin Miller wrote:
> >
> > Please add my name (darinmiller) to the list of nominees.
> >
> >  o__
> >  _ _>/ _ _
> > (_ _)\(_ _) Darin | 208-991-4421
> Will do so. Thank you.
> If you could give some thoughts to this for your nomination:
> > Please mention what you would like to accomplish within the Kubuntu
> > project (Why people should vote for you)
> and reply again with that to the lists, that would help people when
> considering their votes.
> Rik
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