Releasing kdeconnect-kde 1.3

Rik Mills rikmills at
Thu Apr 5 07:04:44 UTC 2018

On 04/04/18 20:55, Albert Vaca wrote:
>Since we are getting lots of bug reports for the crash in the notifications
>plugin, I think we should release a fixed version asap.
>I've pushed a branch "v1.3" with all the latest changes right before we
>added the new SMS app. These include some new features, so Ubuntu and the
>like might decide to not upgrade it on the current version as it's not a
>bugfix-only release. In that case, we could release a version v1.2.2,
>cherry-picking only the bugfixes on top of v1.2.1. I hope that's not
>necessary, though.
>Unless there is any objection or someone finds a bug in that branch, I will
>ask the sysadmins to release it this weekend.

As I assume you are aware from the above, at this point in our release
cycle any release with new features would require a Feature Freeze
Exception to be granted by the Ubuntu release team.

To that end, it would be helpful to have:

1) A list of new features and bugfixes
2) Some assessment or opinion on regression potential for new features
3) Your intentions regards future bugfix releases for any new
branch/major version, if this is what we go with.

Thank you

Rik Mills
Kubuntu Devel
Kubuntu Council

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