amd64 Beta 2 candidate testing going well; i386 testing -- none?

Donald Tanner bionicmac.attack at
Thu Apr 5 17:58:58 UTC 2018

Hello Valorie,

i386 testing in progress. I pulled some hardware out of storage to peace
1 good i386 testing machine.

* Passed: Live Session
* Passed:Install (entire disk) in Kubuntu Desktop i386 in Bionic Daily
* In Progress: Install (entire disk) with lvm and encryption) in Kubuntu
Desktop in Bionic Daily


On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 6:35 PM, Valorie Zimmerman <
valorie.zimmerman at> wrote:

> I didn't write to the list yesterday about the candidate ISOs
> dropping, because of computer problems here. I lost a SSD (I think)
> but created a Bionic upgrade on another disk. So that was a success,
> but it takes time to provision a new install, as you know.
> Anyway, i386 users, now or never! I mean literally if we don't get
> testing on this LTS on i386 hardware, we will NOT be offering it from
> here forward. This is a community-produced product, and if those who
> want it are not willing to test it, we simply cannot provide untested
> stuff.
> Please login to the qatracker at
> click the little disk symbol to download or zsync an image, and test
> test test!
> File bug reports for bugs you find using `ubuntu-bug ubuiquity` or
> whatever the packagename is (ubiquity is the installer) and add those
> BR numbers to your report.
> Please, today or at latest tomorrow.
> Valorie
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