[Kubuntu-council] Linode sponsorship

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Wed Oct 4 12:55:17 UTC 2017

I very much agree that Phil should be reimbursed all expenses he has
incurred as a result of this.

Aaron, can you please update us on the status of the Linode sponsorship?
Can this be extended?

I fear as Phil has remarked on IRC that paying full price for the linode
services we have now is prohibitively expensive, so I would suggest
investigating alternatives with some urgency if this is the case and
sponsorship cannot be re-established.


On 04/10/17 12:55, Clive Johnston wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Last night we had a hiccup with one of the Kubuntu Continuous
> Integration (KCI) slaves (linode-01), which reminded me to mention this.  
> With all the excitement surrounding the Kubuntu Council elections and
> getting ready to release Kubuntu 17.10, we seem to have overlooked the
> fact the server used for packaging work and also KCI provided by Linode
> has actually expired (We received sponsorship via Aaron Honeycutt).  
> To avail of this sponsorship, someone had to provide credit card details
> in order to setup an account.  Phillip (yofel) kindly agreed to this in
> order to get the services online as soon as possible.  However, since
> the sponsorship has lapsed, I believe that the full fee is now being
> charged to Philip's card and wanted to bring this to the attention of
> the Kubuntu Council.
> We receive donations via our website and have a healthy sum in the bank,
> therefore I propose that Phillip is refunded any expenses he has
> incurred by this act of kindness.  I would also like the KC to approach
> Linode about further sponsorship, if possible in order to keep the
> services we have or even a reduced rate paid from the Kubuntu fund directly.
> Can someone look into this as soon as possible please?
> Clive


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