Shall we drop i386 / 32-bit? If you think no, please test

Dan Chen seven.steps at
Mon Jul 3 02:33:02 UTC 2017


On Jul 3, 2017 06:13, "David Lang" <david at> wrote:

I would question if anyone is running KDE/Kubuntu on new, small/cheap 32bit
x86 hardware (there are a lot of people running on 32 bit ARM hardware)

Not new, per se, but there are repurposed Pentium III, K6-III, and Athlon
chassis used for virtual machines (numbers are in the low hundreds). These
are normally LTS with managed upstream kernels.

1. is there enough of it to have kubuntu worry about it

Unlikely, since a small group manages it. We'll still track LTS and roll
upstream kernels.

2. is the performance of kubuntu on such limited hardware (memory and cpu)
worth it.

Biased, but yes

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