Review Request 129908: move section click handler to list header class

Carlo Vanini silhusk at
Wed Feb 1 13:24:02 UTC 2017

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Review request for Kubuntu and Muon Package Management Suite.

Repository: muon


Now that we have a class for the PackageViewHeader we can move the
sectionClicked slot there.


  src/PackageModel/PackageViewHeader.h ada54986cb006d8221938e4a0bd5bbeb458913a0 
  src/PackageModel/PackageViewHeader.cpp e9557ec9ef7792dd55c7e96f423c999e9fd5057c 
  src/PackageModel/PackageWidget.h 68d2e0501d90f95c32166bf201a3701c499919ef 
  src/PackageModel/PackageWidget.cpp e70e4d3b143769073e706312133375630944f17b 



* Search for 'fri'
* Click on a column header
* Search results are sorted by column and sort indicator is shown


Carlo Vanini

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