Bionic Beaver Alpha 1?

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Wed Dec 27 14:37:16 UTC 2017

I should be able to do some ISO testing, at least in a VM.

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> Hi folks, should we go for alpha 1?
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> Date: Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 7:29 PM
> Subject: Bionic Beaver Alpha 1?
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> Hello everyone,
> Is anyone up for an Alpha 1 in the beginning of January? Currently we
> have January 4th as the date for that, but maybe that needs to be pushed
> back a week to January 11th, given that people are probably still going
> to be on vacation (or getting back into things after it, at the least).
> What does the Release Team think?
> To get it out of the way (because it comes up every cycle it seems), I
> still do see the use in an Alpha 1, especially with this being an LTS
> release, and given the development pace of Lubuntu and Kubuntu (at
> minimum) thus far in Bionic, it would really help to have an Alpha. I've
> also signed myself up for checklist tracking for this one, so I just
> need someone from the Release Team to volunteer to take care of Nusakan
> and cron job disabling (the normal stuff). (It would be preferrable if
> the person who volunteers for this lives in the USA or Canada so our
> timezones aren't drastically different; I've learned that it often
> doesn't turn out well otherwise.)
> Lubuntu is a definite yes, but if other flavors would like to
> participate, please edit this wiki page[1] (or send me an email and I
> can take care of it) with updated contact information if applicable and
> the location for your release notes. If a representative from a flavor
> doesn't respond or edit the wiki page, I'll assume that they aren't
> participating.
> Thanks everyone, and happy holidays!
> [1]
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