Muon Package Manager broken in Kubuntu 16.04

Clive Johnston clivejo at
Sun Mar 27 22:14:45 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Following a discussion on #kubuntu-devel regarding the Muon Package Manager.  
It was pointed out that a recent build of Muon was actually installed and was 
working on a system.  I was under the impression that it was no longer 
maintained after the split from Discover and would require major work to get 
it working again!  However, after a few tests, it was determined that if the 
last commit was reverted (
p=muon.git&a=commit&h=a437d39e43112a3e61ebafadd4e3a06b9bd91437 )  the 
application compiled and run fine!

Not knowing what this commit was for, I emailed the dev who pushed the commit.  
Carlo replied back and was super helpful in pointing me in the right 
direction.  He brought to my attention that libqapt also needs to be build 
using an updated git snapshot.  So I built/packaged both libqapt and muon 
package manager and I must say its working great!

On another note, this is an extract from an email he sent "I'm working on Muon 
just since the split from Discover, and it's nice to see there is interest in 
it!  I'm also trying to make up my mind whether I should take the effort of 
porting it to a declarative (i.e. QML) interface or not. Maybe you can give 
advice on that decision."  He also tells me he is subscribed to this list, so 
I would personally like to thank him for his support and work on the Muon 
Package Manager.  I know a lot of other people on this list are interested in 
keeping Muon maintained and also part of Kubuntu.  Rick being one of them. 

So I have opened a Feature Freeze Exception (FFE) for Muon ( https:// ) to try and get this 
version into Xenial.  Please add your support by saying it affects you and 
leave any comments you think are useful.

In addition, please test the latest version, which should be installable via 
my PPA ( )

Many thanks,

On Saturday, 26 March 2016 18:00:55 BST Rick Timmis wrote:
> Hi friends
> I have been working off and on trying to get Muon Package Manager to
> build and run, and today I did it ( on 15.10 ).
> I will try setting up a build on 16.04
> I have said that I am willing to continue maintenance of MPM.
> Now that I can build from the Master branch, I am in a position to start
> helping with it :-D
> Please let me know how I should proceed
> Best Wishes
> Rick Timmis

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