Review Request 127107: Connect to backend signals to catch cache reload.

Carlo Vanini silhusk at
Thu Mar 3 08:59:11 UTC 2016

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Review request for Kubuntu and Muon Package Management Suite.


Submitted with commit a437d39e43112a3e61ebafadd4e3a06b9bd91437 by Carlo Vanini to branch master.

Bugs: 332530

Repository: muon


When the cache is reloaded libqapt deletes Package objects and creates them anew. This results in dangling pointers in muon models.

When "Preview Changes" is shown we have two models with lists of packages, and both should be cleared and repopulated.

The cache reload can be triggered by pinning/unpinning (lock/unlock) a package.


  src/MainWindow.cpp 466ea4bc00773dbd5353a477a10bbb125d021287 
  src/PackageModel/PackageWidget.h 681b59e6887b04140f899f214d0b8ddc1fc2de3c 
  src/PackageModel/PackageWidget.cpp 264db785de78295d1e688da77d850993abe7c6d6 
  src/StatusWidget.cpp ecd17ea402fd93b00ab6fa0773464bbc8a600990 



* mark a package for install/remove
* click on "Preview Changes"
* right-click on a package and select "Lock at Current Version"

Without patch: clicking on "Back" crashes muon
With patch: no crash, but as a side effect all changes to packages are lost when the cache is reloaded.


Carlo Vanini

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