Alpha 2 -- help needed

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Fri Dec 30 07:41:31 UTC 2016

Hi folks, you might notice that we didn't have an Alpha 1 out today.
That was partly because our packages aren't published and ready to go,
and the other is that none of the other flavors were ready either.

Or, perhaps they didn't want to do all that extra work. Because I've
never been involved in releasing before, I didn't realize that "The
community flavors that choose to release alpha milestones (and the
beta-1 milestone) are responsible for finding the resources to make
these milestones happen. In general, releases will not happen without

The page says that
"tasks need to be performed by someone with shell access to the image
building machine or someone on the Ubuntu release team.

* Final publishing
* Setting up the ISO tracker
* Handling blocks & unblocks"

In addition, "Flavour release teams are responsible for ensuring their
images get rebuilds when required if a global rebuild is not
occurring" and "Collect any release note URLs from flavours that want
to provide them,"  "Make sure all flavours have their images marked as
ready before release day," "Prepare and send release announcement to
ubuntu-devel-announce with a cc to ubuntu-release, " and "Be
responsive on IRC."

Some of us should sign up to do some of these jobs, none of which I
ever thought of!



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