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Fri Dec 23 07:26:28 UTC 2016

În ziua de joi, 22 decembrie 2016, la 22:51:19 EET, Valorie Zimmerman a scris:
> Hi folks, Walter reminded me tonight to that is gonna
> die in the near future, replaced by Phabricator and
> (nextcloud). Clive was asking the KDE sysadmins about getting a
> Phabricator task board for us, so we could replace Trello with free
> software. The first response was non-committal, since we are not a KDE
> project. I've found quite a few non-KDE projects on KDE infra, so I
> think we can get such a project taskboard -- if we want it.
> Do we?
> Trello is pretty, and configurable, but it non-free.
> Phab is pretty plain, and not only configurable, but also comes with
> lots of other stuff, like a built-in wiki. I believe that Clive was
> thinking that all of our devel stuff could go there, including the
> packaging docs.
> If we want to move it over, we could either move everyone in one
> massive move, or simply begin adding cards for 17.10 now, and plan to
> phase out Trello at release.
> What do you think would serve us best?
> All the best,
> Valorie


I like the idea of switching to Phab from trello. I think we should do it all in a big move, otherwize we will have split items, and chaos.

Regarding, I guess we could use tha colaborative editing of nextcloud from

But all this means that Aaron has to get his KDE Identity account sorted out, and I don't think he want's to deal with that again :-P

+1 from me.

Who will ask for the Phab project?
P.S. we already have a folder on, that I've started using for the podcast... but not all of us switched over from Google Drive. We could though.

Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN
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