Two linked subjects:, phab and /or trello

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Fri Dec 23 06:51:19 UTC 2016

Hi folks, Walter reminded me tonight to that is gonna
die in the near future, replaced by Phabricator and
(nextcloud). Clive was asking the KDE sysadmins about getting a
Phabricator task board for us, so we could replace Trello with free
software. The first response was non-committal, since we are not a KDE
project. I've found quite a few non-KDE projects on KDE infra, so I
think we can get such a project taskboard -- if we want it.

Do we?

Trello is pretty, and configurable, but it non-free.

Phab is pretty plain, and not only configurable, but also comes with
lots of other stuff, like a built-in wiki. I believe that Clive was
thinking that all of our devel stuff could go there, including the
packaging docs.

If we want to move it over, we could either move everyone in one
massive move, or simply begin adding cards for 17.10 now, and plan to
phase out Trello at release.

What do you think would serve us best?

All the best,



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