Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Mon Apr 11 22:26:13 UTC 2016

2016-04-12 0:14 GMT+02:00 Valorie Zimmerman <valorie.zimmerman at>:
> [...]
> I think what might really help is getting Muon released, along with
> libqapt. Asking the release team for an FFE for git snapshots seems a
> bit questionable, especially for an LTS. Can you get a release done
> soon?

While looking into this, I realized that KDE Discover is also at an
old version (5.5.4-0u1), while Debian has 5.6.0-1.
This is really bad, since Discover on Ubuntu still seems to depend on
app-install-data, which receives zero support now after Ubuntu has
switched to AppStream. This means the data Discover uses is stuck at
what was recent at wily release time, and lots of issues in Discover
aren't solved in the LTS...
Maybe getting this synced from Debian is worth a try too. You will
likely need to add a Breaks/Replaces hint to libdiscoverprivate, since
that was never in Debian.

Sorry for hijacking this thread with this separate issue, but IMHO
this is something which we should be aware of (even if we might end up
sticking to app-install-data and old Discover).
A broken Muon package in the release is also pretty bad...


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