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Fri May 29 11:48:50 UTC 2015

Just want to say that publicly professes that there are  
no monetary relationships between their site and their "suggested"  
hosting providers.

It seems to me impossible that there are not some financial ties somewhere.

But I would select a medium-sized hoster, not something outrageously  
big, but also not something you have to maintain yourself. If you can  
get sysadmin support included with the package (for when things go  
amiss in your manual configuration/configuring) that is a definite  
plus and the whole reason you'd go external.

I would suggest Rick Timmis clearly outlines what dependencies might  
come into play in choosing his company, they sometimes say only the  
sun rises for naught, I mean that. Don't get into some form of  
personal relationship that migth get at stake when the personal  
relationship with whomever is involved would go sour, if any chance at  

I think Rick's proposal is good but there have to be clear agreements  
nonetheless. Confusion needs to be avoided as to what is required of  
whom and if anything is asked in return, and if, what.

Just my two cents. Personally I would probably choose a cheap hoster  
with SSH and FTP that I have good experience with (if any such has).  
You want email support. I would choose Rick Timmis' company if a fee  
was asked in return, say a cheap offer of €2/month and then there is  
still a monetary agreement (so it's not entirely for free) but at the  
same time you are with friends and you can count on good lasting  

You are a customer and a friend at the same time. I think it can't get  
better than that. But don't do it for free entirely, would be my  
suggestion and mild warning.

I think that's important because you want to remain free to go  
elsewhere without insulting the relationship or breaking a friendship  
in the process. If you are now discontent about Rick's company you are  
in trouble because you can't look a given horse in the mouth. And you  
will have a troublesome relationship where you must always take care  
not to offend the one who has given you.

That's why you must not readily accept such gifts. Try to give a  
little money in return and it is at least a real customer relationship  
with requirements and rights and demands.

My two cents worth of advice, at least....

Regards, Bart.

Quoting "R.P. Charbonneau" <etriaph at>:

> When choosing a hosting company is best not to commit to anything   
> longer than a one year period at a time unless you are heavily   
> dependent upon the infrastructure the hosting company provides.  You  
>  don't want to pay penalties to get out of a contract if their   
> service turns out to be poor.  BlueHost has mixed reviews online and  
>  WordPress is likely getting a kickback for suggesting them   
> (strategic partnerships typically don't favor quality so much as   
> quantity)  Rick Timmis suggests he may be able to resolve the   
> hosting issue, better to have someone internally assist with backing  
>  then use a commercial vendor.  That's my $0.02
> On May 29, 2015 12:25:47 AM Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN wrote:
>> În ziua de Joi 28 Mai 2015, la 23:08:16, Pawe? Abramowicz a scris:
>> > Have you seen their prices? Are they acceptable within Kubuntu's budget?
>> The prices are listed here:[1] but   
>> please keep this in mind:   
>> I propose the Starter package at $6/month for a subscription for 3 years.
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>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]

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