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When choosing a hosting company is best not to commit to anything longer than a one year period at a time unless you are heavily dependent upon the infrastructure the hosting company provides.  You don't want to pay penalties to get out of a contract if their service turns out to be poor.  BlueHost has mixed reviews online and WordPress is likely getting a kickback for suggesting them (strategic partnerships typically don't favor quality so much as quantity)  Rick Timmis suggests he may be able to resolve the hosting issue, better to have someone internally assist with backing then use a commercial vendor.  That's my $0.02

On May 29, 2015 12:25:47 AM Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN wrote:
> În ziua de Joi 28 Mai 2015, la 23:08:16, Paweł Abramowicz a scris:
> > Have you seen their prices? Are they acceptable within Kubuntu's budget?
> The prices are listed here:[1] but please keep this in mind:[2] 
> I propose the Starter package at $6/month for a subscription for 3 years.
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> [1]
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