kf5 5.7 utopic backports saga

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Wed Mar 4 09:41:23 UTC 2015

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 9:51 AM, Loïc Grobol <loic.grobol at gmail.com> wrote:
> How does this work with the Kubuntu CI ppas targetting utopic?

Also not supported.

It's slightly more complicated than next though.
CI is ahead of even 15.04. So if one upgrades with CI packages what happens is:
- upgrader disables PPAs
- upgrader upgrades
- upgrader will NOT upgrade any CI package on account of them already
having a greater version of what is in vivid

Now this will be straightforward as long as nothing in 15.04 has a
library/binary conflict in non-CI packages.
e.g. completely theoretical scenario: libav5 is in utopic, vivid uses
libav6, they are not co-installable. CI packages would want libav5 the
rest of 15.04 wants libav6 so the CI packages will get removed which
depending on how exactly the upgrader attempts to remedy situations
like this would either remove the plasma packages entirely or simply
drop to a regular 15.04 kubuntu-desktop.

I am not sure though, it could very well be that the upgrader actually
will attempt to downgrade versions in which case it is fine eitherway.
If not, the same procedure as with the regular next PPA applies to be
on the save side.

It possibly would be a good idea to have a look into whether PPAs can
be whitelisted in the upgrader. Because if the CI PPA doesn't get
disabled by the upgrader but simply bumped ahead by vivid this becomes
a supportable scenario as the 14.10 CI packages are almost the same as
the 15.04 CI packages, so I am pretty confident that one can upgrade
from one to the other without problems. The only problem with CI
packages are binary incompatible dependencies.


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