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Fri Jun 12 07:09:33 UTC 2015

On Thu, 11 Jun 2015 23:39:38 -0700, Valorie Zimmerman
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> Just when I have a thought, Rick sends an email....

Lol, great, lets do it then shall we ?


> On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 11:33 PM, Rick.Timmis
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> wrote:
>> Vishesh Handa <vhanda at> wrote:
>> Hey guys
>> Kubuntu aims to be *the* most vanilla KDE distribution. Most Kubuntu
>> members have close ties to KDE, and many are even KDE e.V members. We
>> all collectively care a lot about KDE.
>> One of the ways KDE improves it software is by enabling the developers
>> to communicate in person. This is done via sprints, and via the yearly
>> conference of Akademy. Kubuntu has always played a vital part in this
>> conference and sometimes hosts a special Kubuntu day as well.
>> Given this close relationship between us, and how Kubuntu clearly
>> wants KDE to succeed. Perhaps some of the donations Kubuntu receives
>> could be upstreamed to KDE. Kubuntu obviously has its own costs, but
>> perhaps a certain part of your spare budget could be allocated to KDE.
>> One simple way of doing this could be by becoming a sponsor for
>> Akademy. It would increase Kubuntu's already massive popularity, and
>> I'm sure the KDE Developers would quite appreciate it, and reserve a
>> cozy place in theirs hearts cause of that.
>> Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
> I would totally love to do this, but Scarlett's caution is well-said.
> We have *some* money in the bank, but not enough IMO to put up 1000
> euro.
>> Hi
>> At present I am not aware of any mechanism the Kubuntu community has in
>> place for fund raising.
>> I understand we can apply for funds from the Ubuntu flavours fund.
>> I would like to see that change, so that Kubuntu can and does raise its
>> own
>> funds. The issue seems to be creating an administration function for
>> and
>> accounting purposes. This is a role that Canonical provides IIRC.
>> Would KDE e.V be in a position to provide such a function ?
>> For my part, I have made an open committment onlist to work on Kubuntu
>> promotion, advocacy and profile. I would be delighted to add fund
>> into that mix.
>> Hope this is useful
>> Rick Timmis
> Once we get our own server set up, I really think every page of our
> site should have a donate button in either the header or footer.
> And I think it would be a great idea next year to raise 1000 euro for
> the purpose of sponsoring Akademy. We'd need to start sometime next
> spring if we want to do this.
> Thoughts?
> Valorie
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